5 Tips to save money on your trip in Barcelona

Barcelona it’s a really nice place to visit, and you can do it in two ways: Or really high class (fancy hotel, fancy restaurants) or in the low cost mode, which it doesn’t means that it will lack of quality in any way, it will just help you to save a little bit of money.

Here you will find 5 tips that will help you to save money if you are planning on visit the city.

1.- If you are looking for a place to stay, you can find really nice hostels for a reasonable price. Also, we recommend you to check on the multiple websites that can help you to find the cheapest place, such as www.urbanyhostels.com/es or http://www.budgetplaces.com/es/barcelona/listado-de-hoteles-baratos/

2.- A soon as you get down of the plane you can start saving money, that’s why the first thing that you need to know it’s the cheapest way to get from the Prat’s Airport to the city, and that would be by train or by bus (taking de line 46).

3.- While you are in town, you can save in public transport as well, just trying to make an estimation of the number or travels that you are going to make in the subway or in the bus. If you are going to stay just for a couple of days it’s possible that you will be fine with two T-10 tickets (each ticket  cost 10,30€ and has 10 travels). But if you are planning to stay for a week or two you might find it better to get another ticket like a T-50/30 (fifty travels in thirty days). You can also find tickets by day that are made for tourist. Check all of the possibilities in here http://www.tmb.cat/en/bitllets-i-tarifes

4.- You can find many good places for eating, but one of the best and the cheapest it would be a nice picnic at the Ciutadella Park or in Montjuic. You can buy what you are going to eat in the supermarket and the just enjoy the view!

5.- Just so you know, the first sunday of each month you have a list of the museums that you can visit for free, like the Picasso Museum, CosmoCaixa, The Natural Sciences Museum, among others. And if none of the days of your visit it’s the first sunday of any month, there are (still) a lot of beautiful places that you can go for free, like the CaixaForum Museum of art, the Park of the Labyrinth of Horta, the City Hall… And don’t forget that Barcelona it’s a beautiful city that you can enjoy just walking by!

Adriana G. San Agustín.

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