Having all you can eat for a fixed price sounds like a very good deal when you are abroad. As a tourist, you are probably walking all day long and travelling on a tight budget. But here is the good news: aside from all the exclusive Mediterranean cuisine and tapas restaurants and bars in Barcelona, you will also find great value for money buffets where you can enjoy an abundant lunch or dinner and still save money for the rest of your travel expenses.
Here you go our recommended self-service buffets in Barcelona city:
Fresc Co ( is a franchise with multiple locations across town. In case you decide to spend your day at the Maremagnum shopping mall -which opens 365 days a year- you should know that the Fresc Co buffet is one of its most crowded establishments when lunchtime arrives. The secret of its success lies in the enormous variety of cold and warm dishes, salads and desserts which make up a delicious and healthy option, plus the guarantee that you will leave the place as full as you can be for just around 11 euros. Besides, there are 5 more Fresc Co all-you-can-eat restaurants in the districts of Eixample and Ciutat Vella.
-Provided that you are a fan of Asian food, and you think it is the best when it comes to have a complete, satiating meal, the Bwok ( buffet might be the right place for you. It gathers Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Mediterranean cuisine, which you can enjoy for only 9 euros if visiting in the afternoon and 12 euros if you are going for an exquisite abundant oriental dinner. It has two locations in the city for the time being: the Glorias shopping mall and Urquinaona Square.
-For a similar fixed fee, Restaurant Aitor ( and Free Way Buffet offer the possibility to eat and drink without limit in the Sagrada Familia area. While the first one specialises in Basque and Mediterranean food and tapas, the latter bases its menu on South American cuisine and mouth-watering homemade desserts.

Now you are ready to fill your plate and tummy in an affordable way. Bon profit!

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  • Adem

    Hi,I was there in 2004 and went to an amazing club caled La Paloma You’ll have to check out its adsders and whether it’s still open or not, but if it is and you like to boogie into the night then get yourself down there.Be warned though, it doesn’t really get going until about 1am. Barcelona is definitely a city for the night owl My advice for finding other places is go to an Irish bar (where people will speak English) and ask the locals. They always know best.Barcelona is a great place: You’ll have a ball.Watch out for the prostitutes on Las Ramblas. They’ll have your wallet if you’re not careful.Tim Coventry, UK