Finding a Job in Barcelona (to stay a little bit longer).

So, let’s say that you went to Barcelona and you were supposed to spend just one week because that amount of time was enough to know all of the typical places that you needed, to go to the beach during the day and go out and party at night, but then you realized that it wasn’t enough. No, your body it’s asking for more now that you have tasted the Mediterranean sea, food and way of living, so you decide to stay a little bit longer, just to give it a shot to the idea of what it could be to live in Barcelona maybe just for a month or two.

But the thing is that your bank account was fixed to support you for only one week, so maybe it could be good for you to go and find a job, maybe a partial time one. If you are doing this during summer time then the timing it’s perfect because during this months (June-July- August- September)  Barcelona becomes one of the cities in the world that receives more tourists, and that means that the city needs people that can attend all of this people.

The most common offered jobs that you would find during this period are: bartender, waiter, cook, receptionist, jobs at a theme park (there are a few around here) or at a bike rental place and even in campings. In resume: everything that it has to do with services to tourists. And if you speak english, you will be more than welcome to apply for any of this jobs, and if you speak more languages it’s even better.

Also, if you speak english (or any other language that is not spanish) you can try to teach it there to earn some money, promoting yourself with flyers on the street or even in Facebook. You can try to apply to a job in Canterbury TEFL Courses as well, because they have experience in this kind of things. You can get easily a tefl jobs in spain after you do the Canterbury courses that they have for this matter.

So now you know, there is no excuse for not staying longer in Spain!

Adriana G. San Agustín.

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