Are you a chocolate lover? A fashion victim? Are you keen on discovering the hidden story of places? Or maybe you would rather jog around town than just walk while sightseeing. Then… why not take a guided themed tour to enhance your Barcelona experience? There is a wide array of tours of this kind available in the city for you to enjoy at a reasonable Price.
How to book your themed Barcelona guided tour
To begin with, perhaps you are not sure which Barcelona guided themed tour you should choose, so you can either visit the website or go to the Tourism Information Office at Plaça de Catalunya in order to be informed about the different activities offered, their features and prices and how to book them.
Once you have made up your mind, we advise you to be quick to make a reservation, as places are generally limited for each tour. However, if you have already made your booking, you get the assurance that the activity will under no circumstances be cancelled.
What do these Barcelona tours consist in?
With friends, in a group or alone, you will be able to see Barcelona in a different light, and take advantage of the experience to start a hobby or discover a new passion: gastronomy (including the popular tapas), architecture, literature, sports, arts, history and shopping. For the brave ones, there is even a Ghost walking tour at night. 

The price of the cheapest theme tours in Barcelona is as low as 20 euros, but the most expensive ones may rise over 100 euros. Even so, the included transport, radio-guide, free tapas, welcome drink or personal shopper will largely compensate you for having paid such fee.
This exclusive experience is also within the reach of non Catalan-speakers or non Spanish-speakers, as themed tours in Barcelona are offered in English as well. With a duration of approximately two hours and taking place mostly on weekends, they provide a unique opportunity to live Barcelona ( as a local while becoming an expert in the area of your choice.

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