Hostafrancs market is not one of the most famous market of Barcelona, ​​but it has a special charm. It is located in the Sants suburb, Creu Coberta 93, and it is the oldest in the district, and one of the oldest markets of Barcelona.

Opened in 1888, the market was built in the era of demographic explosion of the city to provide an area that grew around factories. Now, it is immersed in the bustle of this commercial street of Sants suburb, offering delights to people who visit it.


The building echoes the classic design of the markets of that time, with steel structure and with one widely-spacious interior, divided into three naves. Once inside, easily we can appreciate the life and commercial tradition of Sants-Montjuïc, hidden in their stands, in which we can find everything, and a unique quality.

No doubt an excellent choice to visit when you came to Barcelona, offering the best and most traditional, at affordable prices.

Creu Coberta 93

Metro L1 – Hostfrancs

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