How to get to Montserrat Mountain from Barcelona

Montserrat Mountain is undoubtedly one of the most iconic spots in Catalonia, and many feel attracted to taking this excursion not only because of the spiritual journey it is considered, but also because of the amazing views you can enjoy once at the peak.
In fact, nature lovers go to Montserrat to stroll around its wonderful natural park, before or after they visit the monastery and museum. The mountain, 50 kilometers away from Barcelona city center, welcomes hundreds of local and foreign visitors daily. Are you going to miss out on it?
Some people think that getting to Montserrat monastery is too complicated and discard it from their Barcelona trip plan. However, it is actually much easier and cheaper than they think, as you can even purchase combined tickets in advance to travel from Plaça Espanya to Montserrat for only 26.60 euros (round trip).
You will need to take a train which will get you to Monistrol station first, and then take the one known as “cremallera” train, that will leave you at the very core of Montserrat, where the Monastery and the Virgin of Montserrat await you. The whole journey takes about 50 minutes to be completed.
The many appeals of this journey package to Montserrat in Barcelona include the panoramic views offered by the train taking you from Monistrol to the top of the mountain. During a 15 minute trip to the peak, you will feel delighted by the view of the surrounding scenery thanks to the large panoramic windows of the air-conditioned carriages.

Other options to be considered are a bus journey for only 7 euros per single trip (“cremallera” train not included) offered by the tourism information booth at Plaça Catalunya, or driving your car up to Monistrol, parking it there free of charge and then taking the train to the top of the mountain. A round trip between Monistrol parking lot and the Monastery will cost you no more than 9 euros.

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