Located next to the Sants Station, in this space of green areas was the factory that has given the name of the park: La España Industrial, a company that became the first cotton company of Spain. In 1969, the factory was moved, and the land was sold. In 1985, after a series of transformations in the neighborhood, the place was used for creating the current park.

In La España Industrial Park we can find a navigable canal, the giant sculpture of a dragon that becomes a slide, work of the vasque architect Andrés Nagel, the Neptuno; a sculpture made in 1881 by Manuel Fluxà, and in one of the banks of the lake, sitting on a rock, is the modern Venus; a sculpture of Jose Perez Perez “Persejo”. Also, we can find large áreas with lawn and mediterranean trees, sports courts and play grounds. It is the ideal place for a family picnic, quiet and away from urban noise.

Merce, Sants, Arenas 088a

Nine light towers, located on the white terraces that lead into the water, give the park its characteristic air. If we approach the canal, or rent a boat to sail, we can find examples of heron, tufted and european pochard or red duck.

A green area full of entertainment, ideal for your next visit to the beautiful city of Barcelona, ​​and completely for free.

Calle Muntades, Sants-Montjuïc
Metro L3 – Sants Estació

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