The Tordera Delta is the coastal plain between the municipalities of Blanes (La Selva, Girona)
In spite of Mar i Palafolls (Maresme, Barcelona), it is annexed with the alluvial plain of the Tordera river to the interior of the Alt Maresme.
The municipal district of Palafolls with the Gorg dels Cans and the Puerta del Cel, the Municipal Cemetery, the passatge of Palafolls and the district of Sant Lluís.
The urbanizations of Mas Reixach and Mas Carbó to the 12th century Castle of Palafolls.
Mas Roig and the Can Puigvert mill, Can Ribas and the Cim d’en Miralles and the vineyard of Can Florit, Torrent de la Burgada.
The new public institute Font del Ferro on the Camí de la Ciutadella.
Palau d’esport “El Palauet” by architect Arata Isozaki, the Retirement House in Plaça Joaquim Ruyra to the church of Sta. Maria
and the Teatre de Palafolls in the central part of Ferreries with the school and Poppi Square, Carrer Major and the Town Hall of Palafolls.
The municipal pool in the Parc de les Esplanes with the Enric Miralles Library, the Valls d’Axe square
with the Guaita Tower, the football field and the Mas Tit square in the district of Sta. Maria.
In Sant Genís de Palafolls with the church of Romanesque origin XI-XVIII centuries.
La Tordera Delta to the Mediterranean Sea.

A collection of recordings from a Dron will take place in the summer of 2016 and the winter of 2017.

Editing and Post Production by Héctor Agustí
Operators of the Dron are Milacito and Max Lusth

A story by hectolinoFilms. Mas Florit, May 2017.

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