El parque Fluvial del Besòs is a great green area ideal for cycling, play ball or just walk to clear your mind.

Years ago, the final stretch of the river Besòs was a marginal and unstable space between the central Barcelona in the municipalities of the left bank. The conversion of the riverbed in a park with nine kilometers long, facilitated the integration of neighborhoods in front of it. Also, it boosted the works of sanitation of the river itself, and the natural areas around.

In a test of the redistributive capacity of urban planning at the service of the community, the river was subjected to an environmental and landscape improvement that became in this great river park. The insertion of an innovative system of pneumatic dams guarantees the constant presence of water, improving the appearance of the park and making possible the survival of fauna and flora.

Thus, residents of neighborhoods on the left bank, plus all those visitors eager to discover the beauty of Barcelona, ​​have a green corridor that, on foot or by bicycle, soon leads them to the beach.

The structure of the park is simple: in the right, is a bicycle lane and an area for walkers, with entrance and exit ramps, and left is a large area of ​​lawn to play soccer, rugby, etc. All it indicated, signposted and even there are attentives and diligents vigilants.


This is a beautiful place outdoors that lets spend some time away from the bustle of the city, admire the nature and relax, and is completely free and open to the public.

It is open every day of the year with the following schedule:

Spring (March 21 – June 20): 10am to 18pm

Summer (June 21 – September 20): 10am to 21pm

Fall (September 21 – December 20): 10am to 18pm

Winter (December 21 – March 20): from 10h to 17h.


Metro L4 – El Maresme Forum (here take the tranvía to Central Térmica del Besòs)

Metro L4 – Besòs

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