Places to eat in Las Ramblas, Barcelona


Those who have strolled along Las Ramblas, in Barcelona, are acquainted with what an international spot it is. Not only do artists and travelers from all over the world gather there, but also the most renowned food chains as well as plenty of restaurants specializing in local and foreign cuisine are to be found along the way that takes you from Plaça Catalunya to Columbus Monument.

Considering that the area is an eminently tourist one, the price of food is slightly higher than in other areas of Barcelona; however, there are two advantages to take into account: many restaurants in Las Ramblas are franchises, which offer their regular standard prices and, apart from that, most places offering tapas, paella and tortilla normally serve really large dishes and portions, resulting in good value for money. Always bear in mind -when ordering food in this kind of establishments- that there is a difference between tapas (just to accompany your drinks) and portions (to order several and actually have a full lunch or dinner).
No matter where you come from, you are likely to feel like at home when you visit Las Ramblas: Starbucks, McDonalds, KFC, Dunkin’ Donuts and Subway, among many others, have a table ready for you. You may also want to discover food chains you didn’t know such as Pans & Company and their delicious baguette-bread sandwiches, Pastafiore and their ready-to-eat pasta dishes and Amorino and their delicious Italian ice-cream. If you are looking for good beer and affordable sandwiches, we also recommend you go to Viena restaurant.
Many travelers choose to spend their evenings watching football, drinking big jars of “sangria” and tasting generous dishes of paella and tortilla. Tapas are always a must, and the restaurants offering the best tapas in Las Ramblas are located at “Rambla de Canaletes”–where FC Barcelona’s victories are celebrated by fans- and “Rambla de Santa Monica”; in other words, at the beginning and end of the avenue.

A final tip: save some room for dessert and taste the traditional ice-cream, wafers and hot dogs sold at the different stalls in Las Ramblas of Barcelona.

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