Save money when getting around Barcelona

Are you planning your trip to Barcelona? Do you already know how long you will be staying? If so, you can use the length of your trip to your advantage. Thanks to the new seasonal “Hola BCN!” transport tickets, which are valid for the subway, bus, tram and train networks, you can save a lot of money without the need to limit your travelling up and down the city.
Choose your ticket according to how long your stay will be, and get unlimited travel around Barcelona for a flat fee. You can get a 2, 3, 4 or 5 day-validity ticket. Their prices range from 13.40 to 29 euros; however, if you purchase yours online on the www.tmb.catsite, you will get a 10% discount. Providing you are already in Barcelona, you may either have it delivered to the place where you are staying or pick it up at the TMB information booth in Barcelona-Sants train station. For your convenience, they are also available for sale at subway ticket vending machines all across the city.
Bear in mind that these personal, non-transferable tickets, just like others also belonging to the integrated pricing system which may suit you best if you are staying for a long period of time or you are not going to be commuting that much.
For instance, the T-10 travel card grants you 10 single trips in any of the means of transport integrated in the system for only 9.80 euros. Of course this will only be worth it when you won’t be taking the bus or riding the metro in Barcelona too often. But let’s say you are staying for about a month and you want to visit, at least, the majority of its amazing spots, attractions, restaurants and bars. Then, you should purchase the T-50/30 travel card, with 50 single trips to be enjoyed within the next 30 consecutive days.

Both “Hola BCN!” and the rest of regular seasonal transport tickets to travel short, medium and long distances while in Barcelona need to be validated every single time you enter the bus, tram or train. Otherwise, you may be obliged to pay a 100 euros fine.  

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