Barcelona visitors and locals alike rejoiced when they knew that –finally- transport authorities would reduce the price of the most widely used travel card in Barcelona: the T10. Thus, from January 2015 onwards, tourists and citizens will pay for the popular transport card only 9,95 euros instead of 10,30 (its previous cost, which many considered outrageous) and will be allowed to get around the Catalan capital by bus, train and tram with it.

Where can I go with my T10 in Barcelona?

The T10 travel card covers the whole city of Barcelona and some of its surroundings, however, by paying an additional fare you can even go to other towns within the province, as the card also offers upgraded variations of up to 6 Barcelona areas.

By purchasing a T10 for just 9,95 euros (the minimum fare), you can travel to and from El Prat airport, sunbathe at the amazing beaches of Sitges and Castelldefells and discover the localities of Montgat, Montcada i Reixac or Sant Feliu de Llobregat.

You will be able to use your card on any means of transport belonging to the Integrated Fare System, namely buses, trams, trains and the tube. And in case you need to transfer from one train to another, bear in mind that you have a 75-minute time frame allowed between validations.

How does my T10 travel card work?

The card is a multi-person one (everyone in your group can use it) and contains ten prepaid journeys. Unlike other types of transport cards, you will only need to validate it when you get on the bus or train; anyhow, we strongly advise you not to forget to do it every time you do, as fines for unpaid TMB journeys in Barcelona may rise up to 100 euros. At the end of your journey, simply let the driver know you are about to get off by pushing the button, and enjoy your newest destination.

Where can I buy a T10 transport card when in Barcelona?

The most common and reliable places to purchase your T10 card are: TMB customer care booths, Barcelona tourism offices, ticket vending machines at bus and train stations and authorised tobacconist’s.


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