If you have been to Barcelona before, it is highly probable that you already know La Boqueria Market (, with its amazingly fresh fruit, yummy smoothies, mouth-watering chocolates and tapas stalls. In fact, this food market is one of the most frequently recommended spots in the surroundings of Las Ramblas de Barcelona, and pictures of it spread all over Instagram on a daily basis. It is the “cool” market in the city and the place to be for many tourists during snack time, but you should know that there are many other food markets in town offering high-quality products at much cheaper prices. So, we invite you to walk on the local and traditional side to save money and taste new flavours.


Near Barceloneta Beach as its name suggests, this mercat (Catalan for market) specialises in fish meats and seafood, precisely because of the place where it is located at. You can rest assured that the finest sea products in town can be purchased from Barceloneta market, straight from the fishers’ boat to your plate.

The building hosting this market dates back from 1884 and spans 2.450 square metres. You will find it at Font Square, 1, in the Barceloneta neighbourhood, its doors open Monday through Saturday. Additionally, their facilities include two restaurants which do not close until midnight and where you will be able to personally savour fresh Barceloneta seafood. For more info, visit


The Mercat de Sant Antoni stands in the middle of an eminently commercial area (known as Ronda de Sant Antoni) where, instead of the many franchises scattered all over Barcelona, you will be able to shop in plenty of family-run traditional stores. The food market in this neighbourhood offers all basic alimentary products: meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, eggs, legumes and typical Spanish specialties such as olives of every kind and delicatessen products.

The bars inside the market are ideal to indulge in Jamón Serrano or chorizo sandwiches accompanied by freshly brewed coffee. As is the case with the Barceloneta food market, Sant Antoni remains closed on Sundays, but you can still visit it and shop Monday through Friday from 7 am to 8:30 pm. To visit their official website, go to


Last but not least, the Santa Caterina Market in the Ciutat Vella district (Francesc Cambó Avenue, 16) is not very different from the rest as far as the products being sold are concerned. However, its allure lies in the fact that it has organic and green products grown in Barcelona as well as in other provinces, so vegans and environmentalists might find their own paradise here.

Moreover, this one is quite a modern food market, as it offers its clients other advantages such as the possibility of placing online orders, home delivery, free-WiFi inside its facilities as well as lockers. To find out more, visit

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