Tips on how to stay safe in Barcelona

Are you travelling to the city of Gaudi and Barça football club soon? We would like to provide you with some basic safety advice for you to enjoy your stay and prevent any unwanted situations.
On arriving in Barcelona, one of the first things you will notice is that it has heavy traffic almost round-the-clock. As a pedestrian, you must be very careful and not get distracted while crossing the street even when the light is green for you. Under no circumstance should you cross the street against a red light, even if you don’t see cars coming your way. You won’t be fined for this, but vehicles may show up driving at high speeds or from a diverted lane.
This also applies to bicycle lanes: look right and left before going across one if you don’t want to be run over by a local cyclist who is late for work. And if you use a bike yourself, respect others both while on the bicycle lane as while you ride your bike through the streets of Barcelona.
Barcelona is a rather safe city at night, but watch out if you are going back home after partying or clubbing and your place is away from the city center and the main streets. Don’t go by yourself and don’t flash any expensive jewellery or high-tech gadgets. There are night buses available, but you may want to call a taxi instead of waiting a little longer in comparison with the day service. If you do, just don’t share it with strangers, no matter how nice they are.
As it is the case with many other European big cities, pick pocketing is common in Barcelona. As we said, try not to show you are carrying valuable objects and keep your belongings in sight or near your body at all times. You should be especially watchful when using public transportation and in crowded areas. Many “pick pocketers” will send somebody else to get your attention while they get what they want, so mistrust anyone approaching or touching you for no reason.
In any of the cases mentioned above, these telephone numbers might come in handy:
Barcelona emergencies: 112
Barcelona fire fighters squad: 080
Barcelona police: 091
Barcelona taxi cabs: 931131920
If your wallet or bag is stolen, you will need to cancel your credit cards immediately, here you go the numbers to do it while you are still in Barcelona:
Visa and MasterCard: 902 192 100
American Express: 902 375 637

Dinner’s Club: 900 801 331

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