The Museum of Badalona (Barcelona) was created in 1955 and has been run by the Town Hall of the locality along with a team of researchers and historians ever since. What you can see at the museum is nothing other than the actual remains of Roman Baetulo (the same city back in the Roman era), with its old baths, its settlements and the vestiges of one of the most important Roman sites in the province of Barcelona.

museo de badalona


The visit to Badalona’s Museum ( is highly recommended to History students and experts, but also to families, school groups and anyone keen to know further about our past habits and life. In its interior, you will find genuine relics and objects which were actually used at that time: rudimentary kitchen and farming tools, as well as bones and mummies retrieved during archaeological excavation works.

You will also get the chance to read about it all and see traditional scenes from back then both on screen and illustrations. The spotlight of the visit, though, is the tour around the real Baetulo remains, which had been buried by buildings prior to their discovery by experts on the matter. Lovers of art will not be disappointed either, since true treasures of the era like the “Venus of Badalona” are among the most attractive pieces on exhibition.


Badalona is just 30 minutes away from Barcelona by train and, to get there, you will need to take the line R1 from Barcelona Sants station or Plaça de Catalunya station. Bear in mind that the museum stays closed on Mondays; on the rest of weekdays and the weekend, though, it remains open from 10 am to 2 pm, and from 5 pm to 8 pm. As an exception, it closes its doors for visitors at 2 pm every Sunday.

General admission costs 6,50 euros per person and grants access to the baths and site twice. Children under seven enter the museum free of charge, something you can do as well provided that you visit on the first Sunday of the month. Enjoy!


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